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Azealia Banks Glasgow

Wallace Live Glasgow- Azealia Banks

THIS WAS AMAZING I'm sorry it cut off at the end.

2 years ago 4:21 7,478

Azealia Banks-212 Glasgow

Azealia Banks-212 Glasgow.

4 years ago 3:26 375

Azealia Banks 212 O2abc Glasgow 29th sep 2012

Bad quality and rubbish videoing, but its mainly for me to get it off my phone and watch it here.

4 years ago 3:31 77

Azelia Banks 212 Glasgow

ABC Glasgow.

4 years ago 0:33 76

Azealia Banks Goes Off on TI, Iggy + Black Music Being Smudged Out

If you're looking for an unhibited, no holds barred, speak your mind kind of interview, you've found it here. Azealia Banks is a ...

2 years ago 47:30 3,122,588

Azealia Banks - 212 (@Glasgow ABC)

Fantasy Tour 29/9/12.

4 years ago 3:19 76

Azealia Banks - Wallace Live at Glasgow

Azealia Banks performing Wallace live at the O2 abc academy in Glasgow.

2 years ago 5:08 1,796

Azealia Banks Bitchiest Moments

No matter how bitchy Azealia Banks can be she still makes very valid points. Love or hate her you have to respect her honesty ...

1 year ago 8:35 1,744,706

Azealia Banks - 212 (live in Glasgow)

an actual video of the day i died.

4 years ago 3:40 1,176

Azealia Banks on Being a Controversial Witch

In this episode of Broadly Meets, we sit down with Azealia Banks to talk—unconfined to a 140 word character limit—about her new ...

1 year ago 10:03 348,069

Azealia Banks - Chasing Time Live at Glasgow

Azealia Banks performing Chasing Time in the o2 abc academy in Glasgow.

2 years ago 3:56 2,339

Azealia Banks - Heavy Metal & Reflective (live Glasgow 2014)

Broke With Expensive Taste preview tour, first stop was Glasgow!

2 years ago 1:28 1,002

Azealia Banks Chasing Time Live at Glasgow

Snippet from Live performance.

2 years ago 0:07 662

"212" - Azealia Banks @ Glasgow Academy

Popload em Glasgow. Primeira noite da esgotadaça turnê "NME Awards" 2012, que roda o Reino Unido em 12 cidades com o ...

5 years ago 2:32 1,063

Azealia banks Glasgow abc 29th September 2012

212 Glasgow abc. Azealia making eye contact with me for like the millionth time omg.

4 years ago 3:55 207

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