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Barney And Friends Barney Songs

Barney Songs (1995)

Having an uploading spree always makes me hungry for some bread! I did have this tape as a child and I remember watching it to ...

3 years ago 49:45 809,441

Sing & Dance Barney

3 years ago 54:04 160,574,886

Barney - Best of Barney Songs (40 Minutes)

Join Barney as he leads us with fun songs, awesome dances and endless imagination. 1. Look Through the Window 2. Growing 3 ...

9 months ago 37:14 830,917

Barney - Full Episode Compilation

Enjoy this tee-riffic 2 hour compilation of classic Barney episodes! Settle in while everyone's favorite dinosaur sensation teaches ...

1 year ago 2:06:33 396,123

Barney & Friends: Play Ball! (Season 4, Episode 10)

Song List -Barney Theme Song (0:00) -Let's Play Together (1:33) -When You Have a Ball (5:11) -The Exercise Song (7:50) -Roll, ...

3 years ago 26:40 171,604,734

Barney: Sing & Dance With Barney

Family · 2004 · English 54:06 Actors:

I love You - Barney and Friends

I don't own Barney or this song etc. All rights belong to the owners.

5 years ago 1:16 656,557

Barney - Songs to Make you Smile

Sing along with Barney and Friends...all your favorite tunes, right here! 1. Please and Thank you – 00:00 2. Bridge of Avignon ...

1 year ago 22:51 108,106

Barney Songs From the Park (2003)

Barney shares all his favorite moments and times outside in the park and inside the caboose. Song List: Barney Theme Song It's a ...

7 months ago 45:33 130,434

Barney - If All The Raindrops (SONG)

If All The Raindrops Were Lemon Drops and Gumdrops! Sing along as Barney and friends imagine a delicious weather forecast.

6 years ago 1:31 6,188,880

Barney & Friends: Splish! Splash! (Season 7, Episode 19)

A "too hot" afternoon becomes a "totally cool" day when Barney introduces his friends to the wonderful world of water. A cool drink ...

7 months ago 26:39 3,544,997

Barney - ABCs and 123s Songs

Are you ready to learn the ABCs and 123s? Join Barney and learn how to tell time, spell your name and discover the wonders of ...

1 week ago 10:41 27,409

Barney Song: It's OK to Cry

Being a big Glee fan and weeping like much of the Glee Community over the Cory Monteith tribute episode, it made me think of ...

3 years ago 1:44 388,759

Barney: Songs From The Park

Family · 2003 · English 45:23

More Barney Songs

2 years ago 53:57 1,852,716

The Sister Song

I uploaded this for two reasons. 1. I didn't do it from the second episode 2. Since then, I've made a few very close friends that i see ...

1 year ago 2:26 66,858

Barney Songs Six Little Ducks

www.whoisbarney.com: Enjoy This special song with Barney and 6 of his little duckling friends.

4 years ago 1:25 232,278

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