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Barney And Friends Barney Songs

Barney Songs (1995)

Having an uploading spree always makes me hungry for some bread! I did have this tape as a child and I remember watching it to ...

3 years ago 49:45 790,818

Barney: Sing & Dance With Barney

Come celebrate with Barney™ as he plans a very special sing-along party and invites many of his friends, old and new! The group ...

2004 54:06

Barney - Best of Barney Songs (40 Minutes)

Join Barney as he leads us with fun songs, awesome dances and endless imagination. 1. Look Through the Window 2. Growing 3 ...

1 month ago 37:14 573

More Barney Songs


2 years ago 53:23 292,320

Barney & Friends: Play Ball! (Season 4, Episode 10)

Song List -Barney Theme Song (0:00) -Let's Play Together (1:33) -When You Have a Ball (5:11) -The Exercise Song (7:50) -Roll, ...

3 years ago 26:40 169,419,162

I love You - Barney and Friends

I don't own Barney or this song etc. All rights belong to the owners.

5 years ago 1:16 620,933

Sing & Dance Barney

3 years ago 54:04 153,563,826

Barney Songs From the Park (2003)

Barney shares all his favorite moments and times outside in the park and inside the caboose. Song List: Barney Theme Song It's a ...

6 months ago 45:33 115,281

Barney Song: It's OK to Cry

Being a big Glee fan and weeping like much of the Glee Community over the Cory Monteith tribute episode, it made me think of ...

3 years ago 1:44 383,598

Barney Theme Songs(1992-present)

I can't find the video, it might be been deleted, so I just re-uploaded it. If the owner of this video re-uploads it I will take this down.

1 year ago 10:57 1,140,256

Barney - Full Episode Compilation

Enjoy this tee-riffic 2 hour compilation of classic Barney episodes! Settle in while everyone's favorite dinosaur sensation teaches ...

1 year ago 2:06:33 335,266

Barney Songs Six Little Ducks

www.whoisbarney.com: Enjoy This special song with Barney and 6 of his little duckling friends.

4 years ago 1:25 224,081

Barney - Song Compilation (30 Minutes!)

Enjoy 30 super dee-duper minutes of foot tapping, hand clapping and wiggle inducing songs with everyone's favorite purple ...

1 year ago 29:29 677,716

Barney & Friends: Howdy, Friends! (Season 5, Episode 9)

Song List -Barney Theme Song (0:00) -Why? (2:25) -My Jeans are Always Blue (6:58) -Old Dan Tucker (10:00) -Turkey in the ...

3 years ago 26:38 784,275

Barney Full Episode: Singing and Dancing

Jamal has never danced before and is too shy to try. On the day of the big dance party in the park, Barney and his friends ...

11 months ago 26:19 367,460

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