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Battlefield 4 Stuttering

Battlefield 4 Nvidia Stutter Fix

EDIT: 10000 views! Woohoo! EDIT: Wow! Thank you all for your positive feedback! It means a lot that you all appreciate this video!

3 years ago 4:10 25,197

Battlefield 4: How to get rid of stuttering finally

How to get rid of stuttering in Battlefield 4: 1- Open Origin 2- Go to "My Games" section 3- Right Click BF4 and select Properties 4- ...

3 years ago 6:06 1,896

How to fix Battlefield 4 - Stuttering and Frame Drops Fixed!

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3 years ago 3:06 103,701

How to fix Battlefield 4 - Stutters and Lag

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3 years ago 4:48 84,041

Battlefield 4 Main Theme Extended Mix (Warsaw & Stutter Theme Mashup)

This is the extended mashup mix of Battlefield 4 "Warsaw" and "Stutter" theme. Warsaw Theme is produced by Rami Stutter ...

3 years ago 4:49 157,549

There's a Fix for the Stuttering in BF4

I have drastically reduced my CPU stuttering that I had in BF4. I am now a happy camper. The fix also improves hit detection.

2 years ago 8:19 3,506

Battlefield 4 CPU Stuttering Fix Tutorial

The Registry Key is 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 PC Specs: MSI Z77A-GD65 Intel i7 3770k (Stock) Corsair H80 ...

3 years ago 7:26 22,190

Battlefield 4 fps drops/stuttering problem still not solved! (Even disable core parking failed)

READ THIS PLS!! Update your visual C++.

3 years ago 3:07 8,891

Battlefield 4 stuttering

See the CPU/GPU graph at the bottom left of the screen (shown using PerfOverlay.DrawGraph). Whenever I'm playing online (or ...

3 years ago 0:47 441

How To Fix BF4 Stuttering!

Here's a quick How To fix on eliminating the micro-stutter that many PC players are still experiencing with Battlefield 4.

1 year ago 6:26 8,010

How I solved Battlefield 4 Stuttering on PC! [How to Fix BF4 Stuttering / Lag]

Hey there guys GamerzX here, this time I decided to take a look in Battlefield 4 performance stuttering on PC. All Solutions listed ...

3 years ago 3:24 40,355

Battlefield 4 Stuttering Fix |AMD FX8120 GTX 670

Game plays Perfectly Fine on ultra settings 1920x1080p, but the only map that suffers drastic fps issues is on Siege on Shanghai ...

3 years ago 11:35 3,376

Battlefield 4 Stuttering and brief freezing issue [PC]

This is what is keeping me from playing BF4 properly. Happens about 5-10 mins into gameplay. Specs: AMD Phenom II X4 965 ...

3 years ago 1:52 918

Battlefield 4 - Lag and Packet Loss Fix - 2016

This is a fix for the packetloss in bf4 or atleast it worked for me Support This Channel Today: Paypal ...

1 year ago 3:01 27,172

Battlefield 4 | Résoudre Stuttering & Micro Freezes

Résoudre les problèmes de micro freezes et stuttering dans Battlefield 4. Alors oui c'est une vidéo qui sera inutile pour 99.99% ...

3 years ago 2:27 3,006

Battlefield 4 Stutter Warsaw Theme

An edited version of the Battlefield 4 Theme combining 'Stutter' and 'Warsaw' themes.

3 years ago 4:26 2,368

Battlefield 4 stuttering / framerate loss after server update

After the "Battlefield 4 High-Performance Server Solution" update of 4/24/2014, here's what I'm getting. Ugh.

3 years ago 0:24 333

Battlefield 4 Stutter Fix mk2

Hi, Another battlefield 4 fix for the stuttering in game. simple to do just follow instructions below 0. Or use this Program, its Alot ...

3 years ago 3:10 20,596

Battlefield 4 OST "Stutter Theme"

Composed by Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintamaki.

3 years ago 1:54 82,446


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2 years ago 6:49 4,753