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Bird Says Wtf

Macaw / Parrot cursing (Angry Bird saying WTF)

WTF!!! For those who has comments about why he was being taught to say WTF, he learnt that from a Hollywood movie. For those ...

7 anos atrás 0:14 5.022.188

Evil parrot cursing. WTF compilation. Amazon Green bird. Epic Fail.

Charlie gets a bath - https://youtu.be/GdynRR-x1-Q Charlie bit my finger, my wife's finger, and attacked my mom. Now he is saying ...

3 anos atrás 4:41 526.768

How to fix a round cage

All round cages suck for all birds! We rescue parrots, and this cage was one that Jojo came in. Pebble supervises! You can find us ...

1 ano atrás 2:14 8.127.622

Umbrella Cockatoo: Shut the fuk up!

Umbrella Cockatoo: Shut the fuk up! Follow us on twitter: @Funnyzzers Umbrella Cockatoo: Shut the fuk up! Related Searches ...

4 anos atrás 3:09 275.281


Send us your funny videos to feature in the next compilation! [email protected] Merchandise: ...

7 meses atrás 4:20 1.695.723

Sh*t Birds Say Video Compilation 2016

From birds singing theme songs, to birds chirping in the shower, here you'll find the most vocal birds in this funny sh*t birds say ...

10 meses atrás 3:18 764.455

Cat says fuck you

haha, bet this is the only video on youtube like this. rate it, comment, and sub please.

5 anos atrás 2:58 266.206

angry parrot swearing

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpdlODMKk4OP5JEYPx5gTRA Parrot goes off on his owner for destroying his cage How ...

1 ano atrás 1:18 336.409

Funny Parrot Saying WTF WIN

More Fails on: http://webfail.com Hey guys, I hope most of you haven't seen this video, it's not a very new one, but it became very ...

5 anos atrás 0:22 596.290

Bird says f you

A Big Crow saying F You.

2 anos atrás 0:40 652

Cockatoo freakout

FOR LICENSING INQUIRIES CONTACT BREAK: [email protected] Pebble didn't want to go back to her cage. I think she let ...

1 ano atrás 3:11 4.937.143

The Funniest Parrots ever

Compilation of the funniest parrot videos ever. 1. The cursing WTF (What the Fuck / Watafak) parrot 2. Mommy parrot holding her ...

5 anos atrás 2:15 2.978.921

*SUBITITLED* what the heck was that?! 😂

Gotcha the Moluccan Cockatoo. Follow Gotcha on Instagram!: https://instagram.com/gotcha_the_cockatoo/ I've had multiple ...

1 ano atrás 1:27 2.339.453

WTF bird

Would be a pet come true lol.

4 anos atrás 0:14 26.740

WTF That Bird Say?!

Crazy birds at Petco!?!?!?

2 anos atrás 1:20 483

A budgie says WTF!

They pick up what they hear a lot. No surprise there. Subtitles provided.

6 anos atrás 2:29 1.112

Bird Says 'nigga wat'

Recording of my bird Saying 'nigga wat' no racism intended.

7 anos atrás 0:18 26.800

WTF Parrot 30 mins

3 anos atrás 30:07 41.937

birds say WTF compilation

1 ano atrás 0:29 247

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