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Bird Singing Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Parrot singing let the bodies hit the floor!

Parrot singing let the bodies hit the floor.

4 years ago 1:17 782,431

[ORIGINAL] Parrot Sings Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Lolita practices singing Drowning Pool's "Bodies". I know what Lolita means. That's not why I named her that. Besides, it's a little ...

6 years ago 0:40 10,016,681

Cockatoo sings "Bodies" by Drowning pool

Jojoe the cockatoo loves this song! He taught himself...

1 year ago 0:13 68,732

Parrot sings Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

The best & the only cover The original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uguXNL93fWg Full song link: ...

10 months ago 1:23 2,998

I see you baby! Shakin' That Ass

Skyla does some talking and singing in this video. She sings Groove Armada's "I See You baby! (Shakin' that Ass). She also says: ...

8 years ago 2:03 2,375,753

African Grey 'Casper' sings "Let It Go"

Our African Grey Congo loves to sing Let It Go :)

2 years ago 1:25 25,949

Lolita the Parrot - Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Early version of Lolita singing. Generic bird pictures used unfortunately but the sound mix is excellent.

1 year ago 1:25 28,643


PARROT SINGS SIA'S CHANDELIER Originally posted by Nathan Lopez on Facebook: ...

6 months ago 2:10 30,972

African Grey Parrot Sings Gangnam Style

Kookoo my 2.5 year old African Grey, talks to him self, the dog, and me. He sings Gangnam style at 1:04, 1:25, 2:35...

4 years ago 3:10 585,737

Parrot Singing Spongebob Song

Dobie Grey's morning chatter, including her singing Sponge Bob song.

6 years ago 3:27 6,069,479

Mike the African Grey sings I Kissed a Girl

Mike singing his new favorite song "I Kissed A Girl"

8 years ago 3:47 784,958

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor - America's Got Talent

82 year old man sings Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.

1 year ago 2:57 523,373

My African Grey Parrot " Joey " sings Who Let the Dogs Out

Joey, My Congo, doing a few of her catch phrases. I welcome your comments.

8 years ago 3:28 123,163


Yes, that just happened. Reportedly, he's been invited to join the band in one of their upcoming appearances. Rock on.

1 year ago 1:32 14,364

Bird sing - bird sing gangnam style

bird sing gangnam style bird sing bird sing still loving you bird sing let the bodies hit the floor bird sing song bird sing gangnam ...

3 years ago 0:41 1,240

Umbrella Cockatoo "Let the Bodies hit the floor"!!

Jojoe loves this song. He taught himself.

1 year ago 0:48 4,703

GOAT SINGS : let the bodies hit the floor!

lol sebastian is great.

4 years ago 0:19 1,327