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Black Desert Basilisk Belt

Black Desert - Road to TRI Basilisk Belt

Took 7 Belts in total, so roughly ~420m @60m each. Failed some crescent rings earlier, so it all evens out :)

8 months ago 1:27 3,705

Black Desert Online ENCHANTING TRI BASILISK BELT 검은사막 바실 강화

Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/1004meteor.

8 months ago 24:25 11,767

Black Desert[kr] How to get +2 Basilisk's Belt

+1 stack 25+3 = 28 +2 stack 30+10 = 40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JTDLErVUYc +2 Ogre Ring.

1 year ago 2:11 6,936

BDO - Sentient Snake People and You, A Basilisk Farm Guide

https://www.blackdesertonline.com/ My Gear During Video: http://i.imgur.com/avVAT1L.jpg Discord w/ BDO section (ask mod for ...

4 months ago 17:34 13,313

Grinding Basilisk - DROP RARO BASILISK'S BELT - Wizard lvl 60 - Black Desert NA

Ola pessoal. Vídeo feito para ajudar a escolher os lugares para grindar (Evoluir seu personagem). Peço que se gostarem deixa ...

5 months ago 3:43 496

Black Desert Online - How to get Valencia Accessories

This video is a guide to how you get the four new accessories that that became available to us with the most recent Valencia ...

11 months ago 7:11 5,566

Black Desert Online Tri Basilisk Belt | Noche De Casino

Black Desert Online Tri Basilisk Belt enhancement.

5 months ago 3:46 1,513

TRI Basilisk Belt NA-EDAN (BDO)

Actual enhancement starts @3:08.

9 months ago 4:01 12,924

BDO Rotations: Basilisk's Lair

A quick and brief overlook of the Basilisk's Lair in Valencia and the three main rotations. As all other videos, this is not a end-all ...

7 months ago 7:10 3,527

[Black Desert BDO] Speed Video of Basilisk Grinding Route on Level 58 / 211 AP Ranger

Showing the route I use for farming Basilisks. Note, you can only pull 7 mobs solo, so it's a good idea to kill the weaker monsters ...

10 months ago 4:58 2,729

Black Desert : TRI Basilisk's Belt

5 months ago 2:04 1,947

Black Desert Basilisk Belt Fail

11 months ago 0:39 572

Black Desert Archer Enchant (pt.3) (+3 Basilisk's belt) (+3 Treant belt)

Заключительная часть заточки шмота на луке. Из интересного: +3 пояс трента +3 пояс василиска всякая мелочь...

1 year ago 2:19:28 15,332

DUO Basilisk Belt

https://www.twitch.tv/krump91/v/92000155 30 Fail Stacks.

8 months ago 1:24 755

Black Desert Online Arvanity III TRI: Basilisk Belt in 2 minutes

TRI Basilisk Belt made in 2 minutes EU New World.

6 months ago 0:39 366

Black Desert Duo Basilisk Belt Meh Enhance- TO TRI NEXT!

Enhancing while bored of ze grind.

5 months ago 0:10 231

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