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Krita Lineart

How to COLOR without LINEART | Tutorial

Wherein I attempt to explain how I do stuff while accidentally quoting song lyrics. --BEEHIVE BEAUTY, SPEEDPAINT: ...

1 year ago 17:01 155,467

Krita's Fill tool: fill outlines and selections

Let us see how we can fill a selection or our strokes in Krita. Krita tutorial series (FREE): ...

11 months ago 5:20 7,924

how to paint digitally over lineart (in firealpaca)

this will work best in firealpaca or paint tool sai but i'm sure that it will work in photoshop too, i just have no idea how. as you can ...

1 year ago 14:25 75,393

Drawing timelapse with krita, commented

patreon: http://www.patreon.com/davidrevoy webcomic: http://www.peppercarrot.com/ --- Brushes preset from the video (for Krita): ...

1 year ago 13:11 18,510

Tutorial: How to Turn Traditional Lineart Into Digital! (without re-drawing)

NOTE: This technique works on both SAI and Photoshop! :D I don't have any other programs from those two so if you guys have ...

1 year ago 2:56 16,562

How to do Lineart Tutorial (With viewer questions)

Here's a Live tutorial I did a couple weeks back. This time the tutorial is 100% real, unlike the April Fools one I did ^^; . Enjoy, hope ...

2 years ago 25:57 141,064

Line-art tips with Krita 2.9

Support : www.patreon.com/davidrevoy Text version : -------------------- Hi , my name is David Revoy and welcome to this video ...

1 year ago 7:34 154,413

How to Color Lineart

Got this question so many times I had to make a seperate video for it! ♕OTHER SOCIALS: Instagram: ...

9 months ago 9:24 67,545

How I Do Lineart With Krita

This is just a small example video of how I use Krita for making lineart. I hope it helps ^^

1 month ago 4:09 394


Edit: Sorry for reuploading this video a couple of times. The audio was very bad the first time and then something went wrong ...

10 months ago 9:34 221,315

Free Tutorial - Coloring Over Your Lineart

Watch and download the tutorial and files HERE: https://cgcookie.com/tutorial/tutorial-coloring-over-your-lineart/ In this free video ...

2 years ago 10:34 352,237

How to draw Smooth Lines

Download the reference files: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/51fb548c2475afb569e25... Get the Tutorial ...

4 years ago 16:16 514,850

Lineart Speedpaint with Krita

Finally was able to fix the problem that I had with my first video! I hope you enjoy the speedpaint. Part two will be up shortly.

10 months ago 0:49 177

Manga studio vs Photoshop for line art inking smooth clean line art comparison digital painting

Photoshop VS Manga studio for line art. Specifically Manga studio 5 compared to Photoshop CS6 for inking. I made a quick video ...

2 years ago 3:04 23,231


Video is sponsored by GraphicStock. FREE 7 DAY TRIAL: http://graphicstock.com/SaraTepes_0816 Painted in 4 and a half hours ...

8 months ago 6:36 204,519

How to color your lineart in Krita

Here are 4 ways to color your line art with Krita. Option 1 0:58 (coloring with a brush) Option 2 8:32 (using masks) Option 3 12:27 ...

1 year ago 27:02 36,818

Inking in Krita 01

Another screenrecording of me drawing in Krita, this time focussing on line-art. This time around, not a fanart but original character ...

3 years ago 10:55 10,868

Krita 2.9 tutorial -part1/2- Gmic colorize[interactive]

Part video 2/2 Split Layers : http://youtu.be/1hv3yRUof-c https://www.patreon.com/davidrevoy cleaning line art ...

2 years ago 4:53 60,720

Fons [Digital Lineart Tutorial | Krita]

A tutorial for creating smooth line art in Krita Thanks for watching! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INSTAGRAM: ...

9 months ago 6:07 1,740

Krita Tutorial - How to Use the Path Tool, Line-Art Inking & Coloring by VscorpianC

Krita Desktop Painting Program; this tutorial shows how to use the path tool and create line-art, inking and coloring scanned ...

3 years ago 28:51 32,127

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