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Nintendo Ds Charger


This Video shows you how to charge your DS Lite, 3DS and DSI without its original charger, this also works with ALL XL versions ...

6 years ago 5:14 331,746


OMG SO this literally saved my life! And I hope this helped you too!!

2 years ago 1:52 25,987

How to charge ds without charger

Enjoy! Btw only works with nintendo ds lite.

1 year ago 2:28 10,380

How To Charge Your Ds(Lite) Without The Normal Charger

PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING** I Lost My Charger So I Decided To Show You Guys =) and i ment motorola not ...

8 years ago 2:31 234,187

Charging your DS Lite Without the Factory Charger

EDIT*: WOW, thanks guys over 10000 views! Just a little somethin somethin for thanking thegameplayerman. *NOTE*: This will not ...

8 years ago 3:36 111,490

Unboxing Video Ep 1 Nintendo DS Charger

Hey guys, I hope you enjoy my first Unboxing video, enjoy. Gamertag XanderG217 Twitter and Live Stream Account @TheGaming ...

1 year ago 5:56 206

Comparison Between Dsi, Dsi XL, and 3DS Charger vs DS Lite

This is a comparison between the Dsi Dsi Xl and the3 DS Charger Vs. The DS Lite Charger. Please Watch my other videos, like ...

5 years ago 1:43 20,966

GameStop DS Charger Review

For $9.99, this charger is definitely worth it!

2 years ago 3:02 687

eBay Auction - Used Nintendo DS Silver Handheld System + case and charger!

First-gen Nintendo DS with charger, case, and extra stylus for sale up on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?

5 years ago 3:34 2,468

How to charge your DS LITE without its original charger

This video will show you how to charge your ds lite without its normal charger leave your questions if you have any below.

5 years ago 2:21 26,707

Charge Nintendo 3DS without Original charger - USB Power Cable

Nintendo 3DS USB Charger Cable - Works on 3DS, 3DS XL 2DS, NDS, DSI, DSI XL Buy from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2kd6V82 ...

5 months ago 1:57 6,302

How To Charge A Ds Without The Normal Charger - Nintendo Tips And Secrets 2

Thanks to thegameplayerman for making this video possible and enjoy..

8 years ago 1:41 117,525

Homemade Dsi,Ds Lite charger!!!!!!!

In this video we show you how to make a homemade USB Daily charger!!!! Sub.like.favorite Camera man:Matt Host:AJ.

3 years ago 2:07 17,094

Decrescent Nintendo DS Lite Mains Charger

Get Nintendo accessories on Amazon: http://tiny.cc/9b7e4w Get Nintendo accessories on eBay: http://tiny.cc/386e4w Get Nintendo ...

5 years ago 0:39 1,631

3DS - no power/ won't charge - EASY FIX

Have a 3DS or other handheld system that won't charge and/ or won't power on? Most often this is caused by tripping on the ...

4 years ago 5:08 535,103

[Unboxing] Nintendo DS i Charger [First Unboxing]

Please watch: "The Longest YeAh BoY [ NO JOKE]" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drW0G_6trqU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Hey guys, ...

1 year ago 2:35 99

How to charge a Dsi with ps3 charger easy and simple

Hi guys i made this video to help you guys with a broken 3DS AND DSI charger. i hope this helped you oh and this dose not work ...

3 years ago 2:44 26,246

How to charge a DS lite without its official Nintendo charger

Hi Animaljammers, and other youtubers. My USB is actually not meant for using it with other devices. im not sure if it was specially ...

6 months ago 1:05 1,006

3DS charger alternative

via YouTube Capture.

3 years ago 1:29 135,242