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The Undertaker Interview

The Undertaker from the WWE breaks character and greets a young fan.

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3 years ago 1:45 1,809,666

Mark Calaway (Undertaker) Interview Part 1/3

This is an out of character interview with The Undertaker about his career and the WWE. This show is called "Off the Record". year: ...

7 years ago 9:06 318,585

Roman Reigns Calls Win Over The Undertaker A Loss | ESPN

Roman Reigns speaks with Jonathan Coachman after defeating The Undertaker in the main event of WrestleMania 33, saying it ...

1 month ago 1:48 1,043,240

WWE Legends With JBL - Undertakers Greatest Rivals Full Video Interview HD

WWE Legends With JBL - Undertakers Greatest Rivals Full Video InterviewShawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H ...

2 months ago 54:43 6,780

The Undertaker's first interview after retirement.

Just a few days after his retirement from wrestling, The Undertaker speaks on how he was influenced by the country music of ...

1 month ago 1:11 7,676

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer On Regis and Kathy-Lee Show 1991

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer On Regis and Kathy-Lee Show 1991.

6 years ago 3:30 170,315

Undertaker Interview Part 1

Broadcast on The-Score, Part 1 of 2. He's NOT in character, this is Mark Callaway speaking, not The Undertaker.

7 years ago 7:19 1,002,555

WWE's Undertaker, Brock Lesnar Exchange Words Following UFC 121

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6 years ago 2:06 6,204,836

The Undertaker I Might Try to Manage a Few Fighters / Backstage Interview (720p)

Undertaker backstage interview More TagS: Flag of United States Brian Kendrick * Flag of United States Paul London * Flag of ...

6 years ago 5:10 145,449

Kevin Nash on Undertaker, Steve Austin and Vince Russo

Kevin Nash talks about The Undertaker (Mark Calaway), Steve Austin and Vincent Russo. interview by Joe Dombrowski ...

3 years ago 5:12 344,259

Kane Interview: On Undertaker, Hell in a Cell, The Rock, Mick Foley, Steve Austin & his character

jdscoop82 caught up with 'The Big Red Corporate Sell-Out' Kane, backstage at WWE Live in Orlando, Florida. Kane chats about ...

3 years ago 6:11 1,309,143

JBL Interviews The Undertaker

all rights go to WWE.

4 months ago 5:54 52,224

Fab Four Interview 1997: The Undertaker (3/5)

WWE Fab Four Undertaker interview Part 3 Watch Part 4 here: ...

6 years ago 9:35 77,256

A Different Look at The Undertaker

His appearence at Jimmy Kimmel show n off cource the hillarios PILLOW FIGHT.

8 years ago 11:00 2,783,454

Vince McMahon speaks candidly about the decision to end The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak

Catch Stone Cold's podcast with Triple H LIVE tonight on the WWE Network: http://bit.ly/162DcGw During an interview with WWE ...

2 years ago 2:03 2,230,838

Edge shoots on The Undertaker

wrestling shoot interview.

6 months ago 2:30 8,253

WWE Undertaker Talks About Retiring

Undertaker Talks About Retiring WWF/WWE Undertaker Talk About Retiring WWF/WWE Undertaker Talk About Retiring After ...

2 years ago 1:46 255,265

The Undertaker talks about his retirement and his favourite match

The Undertaker shoot interview. (The interview is quite old)

3 months ago 3:33 726,867

Undertaker - 1995 New England Sports World 1/5

The UNDERTAKER offers his thoughts, aspirations, & seldom glimpsed depth of the 'Everlasting Spirit' in this ultra-rare, frequently ...

5 years ago 9:18 202,259