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Turtle Beach X12 Drivers

Turtle Beach X12 PC Setup Tutorial [Works for any Headset]

Tutorial showing you how to connect your Xbox Mic into a PC and how to configure them. I used to use these headphones (Turtle ...

4 years ago 3:09 256,690


Brought to you by PrymeTymeGaming A step-by-step tutorial showing you how to connect your Turtle Beach Headset to your TV ...

5 years ago 4:22 495,522

Turtle Beach P11 - How to fix USB problem

The P11 Turtle Beach headset has a problem people don't know how to fix. If the proper driver doesn't install to you computer you ...

4 years ago 4:32 68,532

How to hook up turtle beach x12 to xbox 360

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3 years ago 3:57 28,190

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset Setup

set up video game headsets etc. with a cheap option as well *UPDATE: I posted the review of the x12's, the link is on the top left ...

5 years ago 9:43 115,059

How to connect Turtle Beach X12 to the PS3

If you would like to buy Turtle Beaches X12 then I really recommend them for the price I got them for the ps3 because p11 which ...

4 years ago 4:40 86,338

How to Setup Turtle Beach Earforce X12 on Windows 7,8,8.1 & 10

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3 years ago 1:54 35,683

Turtle Beach X12 Mic Repair

I have since converted this set so it can be used with my PC headset. I got rid of the problematic Turtlebeach headphones and ...

4 years ago 4:52 109,308

How To Properly Setup Up Turtle Beach X12's On A PC

Do you have a hard time trying to setup X12's on a PC? Well this is the video for you! Due to my upcoming 100 subs I will also be ...

3 years ago 2:44 17,286

Xbox One Headset Adapter Setup & Unboxing /w The Turtle Beach X12

Welcome to the description guys! -Headset adapter unboxing: 00:00 - 02:28 -Controller unboxing: 02:29 - 03:36 -Setup of the ...

2 years ago 10:16 18,255

How To: Set Up The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50 (On Windows PC)

Too many people kept commenting on how to set this headset up (on PC), so instead of replying to every single comment, ...

1 year ago 11:16 27,724

how to use turtle beach x12 on ps4 playstation 4

like and subscribe for more also for any questions feel free to ask in the comments and thanks :). follow me ▽ LIKE ME, FOLLOW ...

2 years ago 4:38 94,069

How to Use Turtle Beach X12 Headset On Xbox One - How to Use Turtle Beaches On Xbox One

In this Video i show you "How to Use the Turtle Beach X12 Headset on the Xbox One" This will allow you to Hear the In Game ...

3 years ago 2:50 217,833

Turtle Beach X12 Unboxing-Setup-Review

Here's an unboxing/setup/review of the Turtle Beach X12's. Thanks For Watching!!!

5 years ago 8:53 85,840

TURTLE BEACH X12 Gaming Headset Unboxing

THE SPEEDY GAMER - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYcQC9haQjYp4XOoHCAoTpA Follow me on Twitter- ...

3 months ago 6:10 31,575

Turtle Beach X12

4 years ago 5:26 48,084

Xbox One: How to Set Up the Turtle Beach x12

ViaStream: Turtle Beach x12 Xbox One Set Up. Turtle Beach x12 ...

2 years ago 7:37 436,103

Turtle Beach X12 Unboxing | Xbox 360 & PC

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5 years ago 7:19 2,791

How to setup Turtle Beaches x12 on PC!!

just thought id put this out their to help anyone that needed it :D Help: http://www.turtlebeach.com/support/index.php?

5 years ago 1:03 140,532

Setup/Review Of Turtle Beach X12 Earforce Headphones For Xbox360 & PC | ANDY BRADLEY

A brief video reviewing the Turtle Beach X12 Earforce Headphones, these are my first pair of gaming headphones and am pretty ...

4 years ago 5:22 25,457