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Turtle Beach X12 Drivers

Turtle Beach X12 PC Setup Tutorial [Works for any Headset]

Tutorial showing you how to connect your Xbox Mic into a PC and how to configure them. I used to use these headphones (Turtle ...

4 years ago 3:09 255,175

How to Setup Turtle Beach Earforce X12 on Windows 7,8,8.1 & 10

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3 years ago 1:54 35,412

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset Setup

set up video game headsets etc. with a cheap option as well *UPDATE: I posted the review of the x12's, the link is on the top left ...

5 years ago 9:43 115,052

Turtle Beach Windows 10 PX22 COMPLETE FIX (Audio, Mic, Realtek Audio Settings)

NOT FREE FIX COSTS ABOUT $16USD NEED OPTICAL OUT ON MOTHERBOARD How to make Turtle Beach headsets work ...

4 months ago 9:47 3,333

Xbox One: How to Set Up the Turtle Beach x12

ViaStream: Turtle Beach x12 Xbox One Set Up. Turtle Beach x12 ...

2 years ago 7:37 432,618

Turtle Beach X12 Unboxing-Setup-Review

Here's an unboxing/setup/review of the Turtle Beach X12's. Thanks For Watching!!!

5 years ago 8:53 85,741

How to setup Turtle Beaches x12 on PC!!

just thought id put this out their to help anyone that needed it :D Help: http://www.turtlebeach.com/support/index.php?

5 years ago 1:03 140,366

Turtle Beach X12

4 years ago 5:26 47,988


Brought to you by PrymeTymeGaming A step-by-step tutorial showing you how to connect your Turtle Beach Headset to your TV ...

4 years ago 4:22 494,701

Turtle Beach X12 Mic Repair

I have since converted this set so it can be used with my PC headset. I got rid of the problematic Turtlebeach headphones and ...

4 years ago 4:52 108,911

How to Use Turtle Beach X12 Headset On Xbox One - How to Use Turtle Beaches On Xbox One

In this Video i show you "How to Use the Turtle Beach X12 Headset on the Xbox One" This will allow you to Hear the In Game ...

3 years ago 2:50 216,035

Turtle Beach X12 review

pro's -comfy - mic is crystal clear -bass control -the ability to hear your self talk if wanted -light construction -pc capability -sleek ...

5 years ago 6:23 207,000

Turtle Beach X12: Unboxing and Review

Video review and unboxing of Turtle Beach X12 gaming headset for the Xbox 360. Follow me on Twitter: ...

5 years ago 6:01 113,715

How to connect Turtle Beach X12 to the PS3

If you would like to buy Turtle Beaches X12 then I really recommend them for the price I got them for the ps3 because p11 which ...

4 years ago 4:40 86,251

how to use turtle beach x12 on ps4 playstation 4

like and subscribe for more also for any questions feel free to ask in the comments and thanks :). follow me ▽ LIKE ME, FOLLOW ...

2 years ago 4:38 93,576

Setup/Review Of Turtle Beach X12 Earforce Headphones For Xbox360 & PC | ANDY BRADLEY

A brief video reviewing the Turtle Beach X12 Earforce Headphones, these are my first pair of gaming headphones and am pretty ...

4 years ago 5:22 25,350

Xbox One Headset Adapter Setup & Unboxing /w The Turtle Beach X12

Welcome to the description guys! -Headset adapter unboxing: 00:00 - 02:28 -Controller unboxing: 02:29 - 03:36 -Setup of the ...

2 years ago 10:16 18,092

How To Properly Setup Up Turtle Beach X12's On A PC

Do you have a hard time trying to setup X12's on a PC? Well this is the video for you! Due to my upcoming 100 subs I will also be ...

3 years ago 2:44 17,206

How to hook up turtle beach x12 to xbox 360

Check me out on twitter.

3 years ago 3:57 27,469

Turtle Beach EarForce X12 unboxing

The first ever Turtle Beach X12 unboxing please subscribe and rate the review will be soon thanks guys.

5 years ago 10:44 57,385

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