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Wendy X Dipper

Gravity falls : Dipper x Wendy

Pablo Spieckert.

1 year ago 3:38 131,468


Помочь выходу видео рублем: http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/rayjay Название трека-Walt Ribeiro-Gravity Falls Theme Song Я В ...

1 year ago 2:30 1,586,171

.:Speedpaint:. AMV-MIX - Wendy x Dipper

i had some technical problems but its finally done! enjoy! character: Wendy Corduroy Dipper Pines series: Disneys Gravity Falls ...

2 years ago 3:32 14,084

Gravity Falls - La Da Dee || Music Video (Wendy X Dipper)

Here's a Gravity Falls music video I put together using the song La Da Dee by Cody Simpson!

1 year ago 3:19 634,245

Dipper x Wendy

1 year ago 4:13 2,612

Gravity Falls: Wendy dumps Robbie!

OH MY GOD FINALLY!!!! ....I mean.....dem feels. SUBSCRIBE!!! Full Episode and Download Link: ...

4 years ago 1:32 432,516

Gravity Falls Tribute Dipper x Wendy

Sticking to the schedule!!! ^~^ I don't own music nor the photos! Music: OMFG Mashed Potatoes ...

1 year ago 2:47 10,660

Dipper x Wendy monster falls.

Moim zdaniem fajniej wyglądają jako sarna i wilk.

8 months ago 2:24 2,523

Wendy x Dipper

1 year ago 1:30 2,161


Ставьте лайк,если вам нравится Венди.

10 months ago 2:19 11,528

Dipper tell Wendy his True feelings

Poor Dipper, I'm Sure he gonna find somebody else.

2 years ago 2:23 136,624

fanart Wendip Wendy x Dipper Kiss you mp3dax.com

http://www.mp3dax.com/mp3/x-dipper-kiss-you/ http://www.mp3dax.com/mp3/dipper-x-wendy/

5 months ago 3:04 101

Dipper x Wendy @[email protected]

This one wanted to be uploaded so ya.

6 months ago 1:34 4,433

Dipper x Pacifica or Wendy....?!

2 years ago 0:26 139,971

Wendy X Dipper

Este vídeo se ha realizado con el creador de presentaciones de diapositivas de YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/upload).

2 years ago 3:32 85,653

Gravity Falls: Weirdmaggedon Part II Dipper's Fantasy (Dipper x Wendy)

If I was Dipper, I would be smart to let Wendy turn twelve and THEN say "Stop this isn't real." Also, I totally thought he was gonna ...

1 year ago 1:33 136,925

Dipper and Wendy (slideshow)

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator, and google images! Thank you the artist of some of these pics and ...

1 year ago 1:31 32,600

Wendy x dipper-7 years tribute

I made this cute video because i was bored anyways enjoy.

7 months ago 3:25 555