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You Know What They Say All Toasters Toast Toast

Youtube Poop: All Toasters Toast Toast!

My 3rd(and so far best) youtube poop. It's just a bunch of random crap.

9 years ago 3:29 59,030

All Toasters Toast, Toast-Sound Clip

The "You know what they say, all Toasters toast, toast!" sound clip.

6 years ago 0:05 1,463

All Toasters Toast Toast 10 Hours

Isn't it bread, though?

8 months ago 10:00:00 256

Mario Says All Toasters Toast Toast For 3 Minutes And 26 Seconds

Mario says all toasters toast toast for 3 minutes and 26 seconds.

6 years ago 3:27 1,090

All Toasters Toast Toast (Hotel Mario Animatic)

Did you know Hotel Mario's anniversary was yesterday? I'm sure Nintendo wants to forget. For the record, I'm not proud of this.

1 month ago 0:22 102

Charles Martinet: "All Toasters Toast Toast!"

From SacAnime Winter 2014.

3 years ago 0:45 15,821

YTP: All Toasters must Die

This was gonna be a short little one consisting mainly of Toasters toasting toast because it is written than you know what they say ...

9 years ago 2:04 160,186

High Quality Hotel Mario Toasters Scene

Here's the famous Hotel Mario Scene with so many toasters. Now this time this one is a high quality version.

9 years ago 0:25 284,505

All Toasters Toast... Spaghetti?

All toasters toast spaghetti. Also Mario learns about gravity.

8 years ago 0:11 2,683

All Toasters Toast Toast

Only the finest content for this channel, as always. I FIXED THE EYES BECAUSE THEY BOTHERED ME.

1 year ago 1:28 893

Hotel Mario All Toasters Toast Toast remake

You know what they say, All toasters toast toast!

5 years ago 0:23 6,400

You know what they say....

All toasters toast toast.

5 months ago 0:17 11

All Toasters Toast Toast

Mario's limitless plumber (electrician?) wisdom saves Roy Koopa tens of dollars on his electric bill.

10 years ago 0:24 399,593

All toasters toast toast

You know what they say..

6 months ago 0:22 51

You Know What They Say All Toasters Toast Toast

Can Toasters toast Mah Boi?

5 years ago 0:05 14,291

You Know What They Say, All Toasters Toast-WHAT?!

Mario's logic. :/

4 years ago 0:05 270

The Best "All Toasters Toast Toast" Sparta Remix On Youtube

alternate title: You know What they say, All Toasters, Sparta Remix this is my best Sparta sence I did, Over 9000 Sparta Remix.

6 years ago 2:17 42,753

YTPMV: The Toaster Rap

My first attempt at a YTPMV (My early Sparta Remixes don't count). This took about 5 hours to make. Update: 1000 views!

7 years ago 2:19 66,209

All Toasters Toast Toast For 10 Minutes

All Toasters Toast Toast! for 10 minutes.

7 years ago 10:01 15,568