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Zhang Yu Overwatch

Overwatch: Mei Reveal Trailer

Check out the new ice-based hero in Blizzard's competitive shooter.

1 year ago 2:12 118,306

Overwatch: Mei's Unlockable Voice Lines in Every Language

Thanks for making it this far with me. This is my 13th entry for an Overwatch playlist where I go through every playable characters' ...

7 months ago 7:20 1,917

Voice Actors Behind The Scenes - Mei Voice Lines - Overwatch Voice Actors in real life #VoiceActors

UPDATED Voice Cast 2017 https://youtu.be/ormvS1gYFxc Reaper Voice Lines Quotes Overwatch Voice Actors ...

7 months ago 1:46 6,057


In which Brizzy attempts voice impressions for every Overwatch hero. This video isn't sponsored at all, I just really like this game.

11 months ago 6:15 2,539,980

Overwatch - The Real Voice of Mei

Mei has never sounded better... Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bazza_Gazza Friends in the video: Tyrodin: ...

7 months ago 10:22 420,259

Interview with Overwatch Mei voice-actor Zhang Yu (english subs)

sorry about any mistakes in the subs, I'm pretty illiterate. and also my ime (mozc) is kinda dumb let me know about any mistakes in ...

6 months ago 11:11 34,636

Characters and Voice Actors - Overwatch (Update 2)

Characters and Voice Actors - "Overwatch (Update 2)" Japanese VAs coming soon Previous Video: http://bit.ly/2lsKWhP Cast ...

2 months ago 1:48 100,351


Today we've got the VOICE ACTORS for Mccree, Winston and lucio playing some overwatch! ▻ Submit your Overwatch Plays to ...

4 months ago 10:03 1,983,111

Overwatch Voice actor intro to stage.

The voice actors from overwatch coming on stage for the United nations of overwatch panel.

6 months ago 4:07 84,094

Blizzcon 2016 overwatch voice actor

5 months ago 6:12 776,845

United Nations of Overwatch VO Panel

All the Voice actors doing in game lines. Sorry it's not the full panel but still fun to watch. I was in the second row took this with my ...

6 months ago 6:03 578,451

Overwatch - Tracer & Mei Voice Actress

5 months ago 0:54 29,704

Lucio meets the other Overwatch voice actors at Blizzard HQ

Lucio (Jonny Cruz) running into other Overwatch voice actors / cast at Blizzard HQ. ▻ Characters in video: Mei (Zhang Yu), ...

6 months ago 1:50 710,856

Overwatch Voice actors

Overwatch characters and their voice actors compilation. Enjoy! Genji - Gaku Space McCree - Matthew Mercer Pharah - Jen Cohn ...

10 months ago 3:16 83,714

Overwatch Japanese Characters And Voice Actors

The Japanese Voice Cast Overwatch How do you find Japanese Voice Lines Compared To english ones ? Do you recognize any ...

10 months ago 6:54 537,066

All 24 Overwatch Characters Voice Actors in Real Life! ( Updated Version 2017 )

All 24 Overwatch Characters And Their Voice Actors In Real Life Update Lucio Footage from Cruz Twit Jonny Cruz ...

1 month ago 7:17 75,099


Omg guys look what I mADE (100 years later) IT WAS FUN TO DO, I should have tried it earlier, I've been wanting to for such a ...

8 months ago 3:27 16,952

Matt Mercer On Trolling People In Overwatch

the people matt freaks out in overwatch: maybe the real mccree was the friend you made along the way.

10 months ago 1:19 673,439

Overwatch Characters And Voice Actors

Subscribe For More : http://goo.gl/oZ1Bmj ▻▻ Main Channel : http://goo.gl/PTggCj ...

11 months ago 6:21 3,501,380

▶ Chinese New Year Greetings from Mei

忽如一夜春风来(Right),千树万树梨花开(Left) English: As if the vernal breeze had come back overnight, adorning thousands of ...

3 months ago 1:33 2,427