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10 Interesting Things About Mugabe's Sons Robert Junior And Chatunga The Inside Storyhttps://youtu.be/hA4fyn6iE64Greetings My Name is Dr Clarence, Welcome to TV 7 Today We are giving you10 intresting Things About Mugabes Sons Robert JNR and ChatungaThey Love to Party, They Love Swag and They Make Selling Headlines, They are Mugabes Sons. They have been Bulied a lot on the internet, Having some bullies even inboxing them and Calling their mother unspeakable names.They behave like any other young kid does. The fact that they are sons of a president so they are always under a Microscope. They have lately been mischivious, videos of them smoking have leaked a few times.But can we blame them, THey are young and they didnt have much of a socia life growing upThis is a list of 10 things you didnt know about Mugabes Sons Robert Junior and Bellamine ChatungaBefore you Proceed with this video id like to ask you for one favor, pease like this Video.Zimbabwe Chimurenga music Guru Last year anounced that one of Mugabes son was found in posession cocaine in Asia and was amost executed until President came and negotiated, President to President and Robert Junior was granted special amnesty. In Asia cocaine possesition of cocaine is a crime punishable y death.Can we confirm this news because no one else had the details except thomas maphumo only..10. They Love to PartyOver the past few 2 to 3 years Years Photos of Robert Junor And Chatnga Partying with girls have leaked and leaked one after another. Videos of Chatunga and Friends Smoking went viral and i was number 1 youtube trending for over a week09.Chatunga is Friends with Soul Jah Love, Chatunga and Soul Jah Love are occasionally seen together. Chatnga likes Soul Jah Love to the extent that he had to imitate Soul Jah Loves Dreadlocks style08.They run a Chain of Butcheries Most people may think that Mugabes sons are partying with Tax Payers money may be wrong. Chatunga has a lot of butcheries in almost all the high density surbabs in Harare. Probeby over 30 Butcheries.In 2016 Chatunga was denied a US$380 000 loan application by Bank ABC. He wanted the money for his bussiness, He later sourced the capital elsewhere and in 2017 Opened his Chain of Butcheries07.Chatunga Was Home SchooledChatunga Was home Schooled After being expelled from St Georges College by a White School Head, for alleged gross indiscipline, His Parents deny this rather they say the withdrawal was Voluntary.06.Robert Junior has played for the Zimbabwe national Basketball Team since he was 1605. They Are HumbleMugabes sons Robert Junior and Chatunga are Humble people, Check how they are on any of their videos on Youtube and other dormains04.Rubert Jnr Has An Achitecture DegreeHe Started At an American University n Dubai Since 2014 and He finished this year and the mugabe boys had to be brought Closer to Home.03. They sometimes escape their Bodygards and SecurityRobert Junior and Chatunga Sometimes run away for the watchfull Security team Just to fit in Society and feel What being an ordinary person feels like Like recently in South Africa Where they rented a secret Appartment in Sandton. It started Way Backwhen he was a lot younger and. Robert Junior once escaped his body guards at St Johns College in Harare and went shopping with his friend. He is believed to have escaped the watchful eyes of the state security personnel into his friend's car and went to Chisipite shopping centre where he enjoyed a few moments as an ordinary citizen away from the watchful eye of security personnel02.They respond to Facebook MessagesRobert Junior And Chatunga always try to reply anyone who inboxes them, thats how they came to having a different type friends Especially Ghetto ppl whom theyve never mixed with in their Late Childhood01.They Have Been Bullied They have been Verbally Assulted on the internet and in other countries that they Visit. On Facebook Robert Junior Once Responded to haters and Cyber bulies on a social media post. In this post he was expagorating that its not Easy Being son of a president. People have called his mother unspeakale namesHe also went.............Go get a life! Leave me alone!! Would you not send your kids to school? And if you were President of a rich country like Zimbabwe, what would stop you from making sure your kid gets the best education possible. This PhD (Pull Him Down) syndrome will take you nowhere but give you Hypertension and Diabetes whilst my father, The Great Gushungo walks smoothly into his hundreds.About my fashion, you aint seen nothing yet. I wear what I afford. Gucci, Versace, Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani. If you think you will see me at a flee market in Mbare, well, all the best. Keep checking, I might pass by totenga tese mazitye. Bwa ha ha "10 Interesting Things About Mugabe's Sons Robert Junior And Chatunga https://youtu.be/hA4fyn6iE64