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Liz Brennan - The Party Song [UNOFFICIAL]

Ajoutée le 12 avr. 2017 TheLizBrennan 2 031 783 vues Download

Liz Brennan's The Party SongNew Version available on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/7p1u5t...About this video: These are the audition tapes we received to cast for the music video of this song. I thought the audition tapes were funnier than the actual video so I made this as the "unofficial video"Find us at: written/sung/co-produced by: Liz Brennan: Facebook.com/TheLizBrennanwww.TheLizBrennan.comCo-Produced/Guitars/Engineered by: Steve Dawson http://www.SteveDawson.net www.Youtube.com/SteveWobbyDawson